The Rejection Rocket

I wish I’d thought of that phrase “the rejection rocket” but unfortunately I can’t take the credit. I’ve seen it bandied around for a while.

I think it accurately describes how new people feel when they first get started and their best friend, or their Mum or brother say NO.  Usually they don’t just say “no thanks, it’s not for me”, but they try to talk the new recruit out of the whole thing.

They tell them they’ve made a big mistake, invested in a scam, joined a pyramid scheme. They ask why they think they can sell when they’ve never sold anything before. Or they simply say they don’t think your new distributor can do it.

It shakes them. It knocks their confidence and they’re now at the lowest.

So the best thing to do is to prepare every new recruit for the rejection rocket that’s almost bound to come their way. Tell them it’s likely that their family won’t understand, that their friends could be jealous of their new business or that everyone may have their best interests at heart, but they just don’t comprehend what they’re doing.

Educate new distributors. Tell them stories about successful distributors who didn’t get off to a good start because their family didn’t believe in them.

If possible, get them to take some of their circle to an opportunity meeting so they can see the whole picture. This often has the effect of neutralising the attack. If they still don’t believe in the business model, at least they may be more supportive.  The best way to invite these family and friends is to ask for their help.  The new distributor should tell them they’ve started a new business and want an opinion. Could they come along to hear all about it because they don’t really understand everything yet>?

Failing that, try to spend a lot of time with new people and meet their circle. That way you can deflect the rockets. Or at least get on the phone regularly so you can repair any damage before it takes an irreversible turn.

I’ve had new team members who completely change their mind within 24 hours. And it’s usually those who would most benefit. It’s sad but you know someone has got at them.

The worst thing you can do is let your new guys get on with it, because the chances are that they’ll drop out before long.

So innoculate as much as you can and be there all the way to support them and bring back their enthusiasm. Also get them along to trainings and events and help them mix with other team members so they get a dose of positivity rubbing off on them.

Let’s hope the rejection rocket doesn’t strike your new people, but the chances are it will hit most of them, so be prepared and good luck.