Personal Development

One of my best friends, Jez from, is one of the biggest fans of personal development that I’ve ever met.  Jez is a shining example of how you can go from broke to owning several very successful businesses and it was he who got me into personal development, even before I knew about network marketing.

But you don’t have to be in Network Marketing very long before you notice that the leaders – the guys who are making all the money – are very keen on personal development, just like Jez.

self improvementAnd along with personal development goes a very big industry of seminars, presentations, books, audio and videos. In fact I’m pretty sure that many of the network marketing top dogs make more money from selling personal development than they ever made as networkers, so I’m a little sceptical about some of them.

Nevertheless there are some good lessons to be learned and these tools benefit a lot of people.

Goal setting is one of the biggies. Most successful NWMers will tell you that you need a strong reason to make your business work. In other words you need a big WHY.  That Why enables you to develop goals – a route to achieving your dreams, making them a reality.  I’m not qualified to go into the subject of goal setting, but I do know that many people find it a worthwhile way to build themselves a roadmap.

First what is your Why. I mean in real depth – not just that you want to make some money. Why do you want to make money? What will that mean to you? What will it enable you to do? And you need to dig down to find an answer to these questions. What will it mean if you don’t achieve your Why?

Once you’ve established that, you know your big goal and you can work backwards.  Plot out how you can achieve it. What exactly you have to do and always put a time on it. So perhaps you want to earn £200 a month, by the end of June, which will enable you to make your car payments. Which is a step to paying your monthly bills.

It all fits together and you need to spend some time working out a precise plan. It doesn’t have to be written in stone because you adapt your plan as you go along. Sometimes you miss a goal, but shift everything so you get back on track and still reach your big goal, even if you have to change the timing.

It’s like the old story of aiming a rocket to Mars. You know the goal – to land on Mars. You start off with a plan and fire the rocket, but you have to continually adjust your aim along the way because every so often you get a little of course. Focus – adjust – focus – adjust.

Your goals can include a route to personal improvement.  There are lots of things making up personal development, but I think they come down to just a few:  being positive, taking action, staying focussed, never giving up and following your goals.

Embrace those things and practise them every day to have a fruitful network marketing business.