Meetings and Events

You’ll probably hear your sponsor say over and over again that you must go to every meeting, every event, everything.

Well I used to follow that advice. Went to meetings and big gatherings all around the country. I also went to trainings several times a month and to opportunity meetings at least once a month.  So that was a lot of commitment.

And I have to admit that it does keep you motivated – at least at the beginning of your network marketing career.

However, I really feel that it also wears you out. You spend a lot of money travelling around the country, so you don’t make a lot of profit, if any. Then you spend all your “spare” time going to events of all types and suddenly you don’t have time to build your business.

That’s ridiculous but it’s what happens to many people. So there’s a happy medium in my opinion.

I now commit to 2 events per month. That might be one training and one opportunity meeting or one large event and an opportunity meeting. I’m not saying I never go to more than 2, but that’s my commitment and it makes me feel better to know that I achieve it and still have time to run my business.

Time and time again I’ve seen people become social networkers – leaving out the marketing. Some of us just love to be around other positive like-minded people and enjoy these events. That’s great, but it’s not the reason we hold them. We want everyone to be doing business, making business contacts, learning how to make money – not just having a lovely chinwag and gossip (though that can happen as well).

So the lesson here is to use common sense and take part in all the big events – definitely. But the smaller trainings and meetings can be juggled, just fit a few of them around your life and don’t feel guilty if you can’t get to everything that goes on within 50 miles.