This is my blog about network marketing.

It’s something I’ve been involved with for many years, although I’ll admit that I’ve switched companies a few times.

Along the way I’ve learned quite a bit. I’ve made a bit of money, but nowhere near a fortune. But I think that’s the way with UK network marketing companies. There’s not the potential that the US companies have.

Mind you, some of those American companies sail close to the wind. If they’re paying out big money, it’s usually because they take high investments from a large number of suckers. Personally I don’t think that’s a moral thing to do. The vast majority just lose their money, and a few of the big hitters¬† make enormous sums.¬† Ok if you’re one of those top guys I suppose.

So I’m going to write a bit about some of the things I’ve found out. And I hope it helps you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with network marketing – or MLM – multi-level marketing – as they often call it across the pond.

I’m certainly not an expert, but I reckon I can spot a scam, and unfortunately they’re all to common in our world.

But there are some really good companies out there too. Companies that offer excellent products or beneficial services and operate in an ethical manner. I really don’t think anyone should expect to make a fortune in UK NWM though – it rarely happens – and when it does it usually takes many years.

But it can be a nice second income for anyone who’s prepared to put in some regular effort and work hard for a few years.

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