About Dave

Hello network marketing fans. I’m Dave and I have been involved with the industry for almost 17 years.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing though. I’ve had some trials and errors but it has meant that I’ve learned a lot. At least I’ve learned a lot of what not to do and how not to do it.

I want to share some of this knowledge as I build my team in my current network marketing business. I believe it will be the last in that I won’t have to switch again. I have definitely found my “vehicle for life” and I intend to grow with the company.

There are so many pitfalls that I thought it would be nice to document some of them to help some of you avoid falling into a black hole, like I have done several times.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you want to add anything of value, you’re welcome to contact me at any time and I’ll do my best to help you out.